Welcome KADs & everyone!

I’ve created this safe space specifically for KADs, but also for anyone interested in my birth search story and life as a KAD. If you’re a KAD, then I’m certain we can relate on a number of topics ranging from identity to the birth search to dealing with stereotypes, etc. This is your place! Here you’ll find content that’s exclusively related to some aspect of being a KAD. As the KAD Hub steadily and promisingly grows, I’m hoping to be able to foster a community where we can share ideas and stories, provide support for one another, and challenge perceptions.

If you’re not a KAD, then my hope is that the KAD Hub will enable you to have a better understanding of what it means to be a KAD. Most of all, I hope it’ll dissolve any stereotypes or preconceived notions you may have about Asians, Koreans, KADs, etc.

Finding Seoul: My Birth Search Story

Part I: The Almost Impossible – Eastern makes contact with my birth father.

Part II: Expect the Unexpected – I receive some unexpected news from Eastern regarding my biological brother and more.

Part III: Stronger Than DNA – In the week leading up to the reunion, I write about gratitude.

Part IV: The Reunion – The first meeting.

Part V: Two Worlds Collide – The second meeting; my mom and sister meet my birth parents.

Part VI: Eternal Gratitude – I receive unpleasant news from Eastern that causes me to question if the journey is over.

Part VII: False Ending and New Beginnings – The story continues to unfold.

Part VIII: Twenty-Four – My birth parents take me out to dinner for my birthday. Plus, some insight on what’s to come.

Part IX: Asian Boss & Final Goodbye – How filming with YouTubers Asian Boss came to be, a little on my experience filming with them, and my final (for now) goodbye with my appa.

KAD Life

Here you’ll find all things KAD related, not having to do with my birth search.


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