Singapore Do’s and Don’ts: What to Do and Where to Go

November 21, 2017


  • No jaywalking
  • No spitting
  • No gum chewing
  • No littering
  • No drugs
  • No outlandish, belligerent behavior

Many may deem these don’ts as peculiar. And I’m sure there are many who entirely disagree with these rules and would protest if they were ever implemented in their home country. Conversely, I actually found these peculiarities rather refreshing. They added an extra layer of security and comfort so I always felt safe here. Rules are not a bad thing when they’re working towards cultivating a better, safer, and cleaner space for everyone.


  • Get a SIM card – You can get one for $15 SGD that’ll cover you for 7 days. It includes high speed 4G connection, 100 GB of data, and a local number. Not to mention, no random calls from telemarketers which is something I experience all too often on other local SIM cards.
  • Take advantage of the $9 SGDΒ airport shuttle
  • Stay at the Chic Capsule Otel
  • Eat at Jang Won Korean restaurant
  • Take artsy photographs

  • Stroll up and down Haji Lane – Home to the hipsters.

Yeah…and you can hang with really adorable mini greyhound dogs and read cool books. You’re also given little cookie snacks to go along with your drink, so believe me when I say that if you look away for too long, the dogs will steal the cookies from your plate. I think it’s quite obvious that I know this from firsthand experience.

  • Explore the Botanic Gardens – Don’t stray away from paying an extra $5 SGD to enter the National Orchid Garden.

  • See the Gardens by the Bay

  • Walk around Chinatown

  • Spend a day on Sentosa

  • Go to the beach – Because of the strictly enforced no littering rule, the beaches are impeccably clean. If only all beaches (and everywhere for that matter) were this spotless and pure.

Believe it or not, I actually didn’t plan anything for this trip. I had a couple ideas of things I wanted to see, but never plotted it out to a tee (which is typically the norm for me). In fact, I mainly envisioned myself hanging out at the hostel and catching up on my beauty rest, TV shows, and blogging.

But once I arrived, I realized how much there was to see around Singapore. I enjoyed not having anything planned as it allowed me to fully embrace whatever came my way. Spur of the moment decisions were a daily occurrence and I enthusiastically welcomed the unknown. I was pleasantly surprised by the profound conversations I had with many kind and intriguing individuals I met along the way. That’s the beauty of living in the present and not worrying so much about when and where and how.

The moments when you put your faith and trust in the unknown is when life gets a little bit easier. That’s the power of the universe.

Embrace. Enjoy. Live.

Until next time {xo}



  • Reply Dr. Shazad Mohammed November 22, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Great perspective. Travel well.

    • Reply Danielle November 22, 2017 at 9:27 am

      Thank you Dr. Mohammed! Well wishes for your travels as well πŸ™‚

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