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Fall Back to Spring Forward – Why I’m Putting a Hold on KAD Related Topics

November 9, 2017

Daylight Savings Time forces us to “fall back” to “spring forward.” While I always encourage expressing our past experiences, what’s most important is that we take control of our lives, remove any restraints, and walk forward into the light from the darkness of pain, hurt, and humiliation. That’s when you truly recognize your soul strength.

A year in Korea inspired innumerable flashes of ideas of KAD related topics I wanted to cover, but for now, I regress. Here’s why.

The moment you define yourself as something, you’ve irreversibly boxed yourself in. Yes, I am a Korean adoptee by nature and I have no problem using that label because that is what I am, but I will not allow it to define me. There is infinitely more to me, to each and every one of us, on an intrinsic level than the baggage associated with KADs.

I think this mentality is vital as we continue to thrive in life. What’s the use of dwelling on the fact that KADs may experience different treatment than other foreigners on a slight to vast scale? Or how we’ve been slathered and pinned with stereotypes our entire lives? None of it matters, and it’s certainly not worth my breath, so long as we’re committed to moving forward.

I’d like to emphasize again that I always think it’s important to be communicative about our experiences, however it wouldn’t be productive of me to write something so permanent. In the end, we’re all on our own soul journeys and every individual needs to experience and process life for themselves as they uncover their own truths and answers. This is my effort to spring forward and motivate others to do the same.

It’s possible that I may write more about the birth search process and produce useful content that will enable readers to take some sort of action. But as for the “buzzfeed” worthy posts, I can’t imagine it would synergistically do any good. Minimal at best.

Stay tuned though, the Asian Boss YouTube video should be released within the next week or so. While I’m a bit apprehensive to see myself on the “big screen,” I’m hopeful it’ll spread a positive message and shine light on the hundreds of thousands of Korean adoptees around the world and the enormity of this community. I’ll keep everyone posted when it goes live for anyone not subscribed to Asian Boss (but honestly you should be, they’re fantastic human beings producing informative, enlightening content). If you have zero idea what I’m referring to, then click here to find out what all this Asian Boss talk is.

Until next time {xo},


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