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3 Alarmingly Inexpensive Things in Korea

August 22, 2017

Living in Korea has opened my eyes to many things. This includes products and procedures that are outrageously expensive in the states, but in Korea they’re actually pretty reasonable. I’ve personally taken advantage of the following three things:

1 | Eyebrow Microblading

This trend is becoming enormously popular back home, so I probably don’t have to explain much. Eyebrow microblading is semi-permanent tattooing that is precisely drawn on to create hair-like strokes. Depending on your skin type, the tattooists experience, and your lifestyle choices, it can last anywhere from 1-3 years.

I chose to get it done here because it was much more economical than prices I’ve seen advertised in the states. I’m satisfied with the results and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested!

Place: Clinic Gyul – Seoul, Sinnonhyeon Station (Line 9) —> Exit 5

Price: Generally it’s 297,000 won, but I booked through Facebook and received a discount. I paid 207,900 won.

2 | Glasses

Seriously, you need to take advantage of glasses while you’re here. For frames AND lenses the prices are insanely cheap. I’ve bought 2 pairs since moving here! I mean how can you not when you know that back home glasses companies are robbing you blind. After being able to buy them for so cheap here, I could never justify paying a ridiculous amount of money for a pair of glasses in the states.

Here’s the greatest part. It doesn’t take weeks to get your new glasses. You can walk into any glasses store and walk out with a new pair in 30 minutes. If you don’t have your prescription on you, that’s fine! They’ll test your vision in the store.

Price: For cheap glasses, you’ll pay 10,000-50,000 won. For higher quality glasses, you’ll pay 50,000-100,000 won.

3 | Corrective Eye Surgery

This is one of the most popular procedures among the foreigners (and Koreans alike). I know many people who have decided to get in done in Korea because it’s so cheap.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t qualify for LASEK or LASIK because of a) high myopia, b) thin corneas, and c) irregularly shaped corneas. My only option for corrective eye surgery was Phakic IOL, which is much more expensive than laser. After considerable thought, I decided that having perfect vision was worth it, so I went with Phakic IOL. Believe it or not, even though it’s the more expensive procedure, it’s still much more affordable in Korea than it is in the states. In the end, IOL is a spectacular procedure (there’s a reason why it’s so expensive) and I’m incredibly pleased with the results. I’m now seeing better than 20/20!

Place: Glory Seoul Eye Clinic – Seoul, Gangnam Station (Line 2) —> Exit 12

Price: 800,000 won (LASEK), 1.3 million won (LASIK), 4 million won (IOL)

Have you discovered any cheap finds in Korea? I’d love to hear, so comment below!

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