Finding Seoul

Finding Seoul: False Ending and New Beginnings

June 18, 2017
Korean Adoptee Story – Finding Seoul

Welp, I feel a bit silly writing this because of how I left everything in the last post, but there is an update I’d like to share.

I spoke with Eastern on May 29th, which was when I was informed that my parents weren’t going to tell my siblings and that contact from them may cease because of the circumstances. Well, it turns out this really wasn’t the case. My parents sent Eastern a letter to pass onto me on May 28th, but Eastern only found it in their inbox on June 13th. Additionally, there must have been some miscommunication between my social worker and me. Something was lost in translation.

Anyway, in their letter they expressed a couple of things:

  1. They’re worried about my health because I don’t eat meat and say I’ll get energy by eating some meat.
  2. They are both living well, but busy which is why they haven’t contacted me sooner and they’re sorry for this.
  3. It’s better to talk about my brother and sister in person.
  4. They wanted to meet me the first or second week of June (which has obviously already passed).
  5. My dad will give me his cell phone number when we meet.
  6. Signed, “I love you, from father being always sick at heart.”

I surely got a good laugh out of the “eat meat” part!

Since the first and second week of June has passed, my social worker suggested June 3oth because it works well for both her and my parents. The 30th is a Friday and so thankfully my school is understanding and will let me leave work early that day.

On June 13th, I also discovered that my long and complex letter ended up working out in my favor. That emotional letter I wrote was still under translation at the time, so Eastern hadn’t been able to pass it along yet. Thank goodness! So I immediately responded and essentially said, STOP THE TRANSLATION, HALT IT, DON’T SEND IT.

Although I don’t know exactly what they’re going to say about my siblings when we meet, I understand that chances are looking awfully slim right now. I’m just grateful I get to see my parents one more time before leaving the country. And it’s because of their own initiative, not because they read my letter. Truth is, I’ve already grieved not being able to meet my siblings or possibly never seeing my parents again because of the misinformation I was mistakenly told. But I guess it helped in the end because I already went through the motions of it all and I’m okay. I survived.

Again, I’m just thrilled I get to see my parents before I leave. And what happens next is entirely up in the air. But there is hope for direct communication because of what my father said in the letter about his cell phone number. I guess we’ll see.

Nonetheless, it looks like it’s headed in the right direction and only time will tell.

Until next time {xo},


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